What our customers say

“We are running a dedicated development team with UWS.

    The engagement process was painless and the development team is just brilliant.”

C. Santoro, CTO at Vsnap Inc.

“UWS was a very competent and reliable partner in the entire development process of our system.

Especially for the technology selection, the integration of external services and software, and in the security and performance analysis we had most valuable help with UWS.“

M. Wendler, CTO at Stickin AG












Reliable and future-proof systems: Custom Software Development for your specific Needs

In the development of custom software and web applications, the diversity and complexity of your systems are a critical factor. We face this challenge with experience from project business, methodical best practice, and tailored process solutions which we realize together with you.

When we do custom software development, we focus exclusively on Java based technologies such as JSE/JEE, Spring, Grails and latest web technologies like HTML5. Because we aim at very good results, we will work very closely with you in the Requirements Engineering phase, and create visualizations and prototypes in order to show you the future-readiness of your system.


Custom Applications throughout the entire Development Cycle

Software Lifecycle

  • Analysis: Here, we are working closely with you to understand your requirements.
  • Design: Our teams in Germany and Poland are supporting you with project management and architecture, visualizations and prototyping.
  • Realization and Tests: Together with a project manager and your dedicated point of contact, our Polish Development Center starts the development of your custom software. We do this Agile, in order to flexibly deliver for you an excellent result. With unit tests, integration and acceptance tests along with Quality Assurance through Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery we create reliable, scalable systems.
  • Documentation and Release: In this phase we train you and your people, to ensure the seamless rollout. The holistic test and system documentation will allow to scale up the software in the future and to flexibly optimize it. You will also get a system handbook for your own documentation.
  • Support: Those developers who have worked on your custom applications will also take care of the maintenance and support of your system. Through that, we can provide competent, available and at the same time cost saving support and realize further optimizations of the system.

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