Configuration Management with Puppet for Java Projects

    Java software development projects are our daily business and we run many of them. In order to execute our deliverables we need infrastructure like application-servers, databases and build-servers. Infrastructure varies from project to project so we have to set it up for every project. Our configuration management / infrastructure management is automatic without sacrificing on the projects individuality.

    Benefit of our proven setup as we offer it to our customers. Save time and money with the proven UWS configuration management solution.


    With our configuration management / infrastructure management we add real business value in terms of cost-savings, productivity, reusability, scalability, security, manageability and integration for simply creating better custom software in less time. The solution also perfectly harmonizes with our proven Continuous Delivery Infrastructure. As we use the described approach in our own projects we can offer existing, working and mature solutions that are customizable in many ways to fit into your individual setup.


    Automatic Configuration Management with Puppet cuts down on Costs, brings Scalability and fast ROI

    With automatic configuration management we can model how our infrastructure should look like in terms of installed software like programming languages, technology frameworks, database servers, application servers, version-control-systems, project-management- and quality-assurance-tools like Java, Grails, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Git, Jira, Jenkins etc.

    The defined models can be rolled out automatically and cost-intense work like manual setup by an administrator don't occur. In fact our developers can provision their project related infrastructure by a click of a button. The core of our Configuration Management solution is the proven Open-Source tool Puppet Enterprise by Puppet Labs.

    There is a good chance that your technology-stack or at least parts of it have already been modeled by us. Because of that our project ramp-up is really quick in most cases and our developers can focus on the business problems right from the start. We have spent some time on writing custom infrastructure-models that we only provide with the project-specific data and that will in the end setup the according infrastructure for us.

    Provisioning infrastructure with our automatic configuration-management setup will turn manual administration-tasks into software-projects which are controllable and apply to the general software-lifecycle.

    As said every Java project has a unique set of installed software. These components are often reused between projects. In terms of reuse we are not only able to reuse those components throughout project but also in terms of scalability. Applying a model to 1 server is the same as applying it to 100 servers. While this is cutting down on costs drastically it is actually cloud-enablement because provisioning can happen automatically when defined thresholds are met. Also note that we can offer fully Open-Source Cloud setup that works for virtual or physical server setups. 


    Secure Architecture and Manageability keeps your Infrastructure safe

    Configuration Management can be integrated totally or partially in your environment. Thus it can be completely managed and controlled by you. Security is guaranteed by using a private-key-infrastructure (PKI), secure-shell (SSH) and secure-sockets-layer certification (SSL) in a client-server architecture for authentication.

    The project environment can be manageable in terms that changes on the system that don't apply to the model are reverted. This is useful for example for folders that store configuration or servers that should be always started. Given that a software developer changes the configuration of a system that shouldn't be changed these changes can be automatically reverted by reapplying the model.


    Reusable, Integrated and familiar Environments using latest Open-Source-Software increase Productivity

    We agree on the best technologies available and have them setup in a automatic and familiar manner. So that our software developers know the configuration before they even took a look. Directory-structures are similar if not equal across projects, the same with scripts for starting and stopping servers. This increases productivity because it saves them time researching.

    We're fully leveraging open-source software development due to directly using online repositories such as GitHub. States of external repositories can be locked so that even if repositories change known versions of the projects are used. Internally we try out latest open-source modules and locking mature versions before using them in productive environments.

    Our Configuration Management integrates well with many vendor-specific installations especially with VMware. This allows us to rapidly deploy, configure and manage VMware private clouds with a robust automation solution that can control every phase of the VMware infrastructure lifecycle and also integrates with many public cloud solutions such as Micro Cloud Foundry.

    The UWS Configuration Management works perfectly with our service-delivery approaches as it can be used remote or on-site as models once defined can be used to create remote test-systems as well as on-site production environments.



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