Application Modernization and Optimisation within Custom Business Applications

Software products and custom applications for improving business processes are designed, implemented and expanded over a period of years. Organizations often rely on custom enterprise applications to make their businesses more efficient, responsive and competitive.


Customizing, Modernizing and Enhancing Existing Business Applications

Mission-critical, bespoke and custom business applications are usually designed, developed, maintained and enhanced in a sophisticated process. They are formed over a period of years and are often created and enhanced with exceptional organizational and technical know-how by staff and external companies. Such software solutions have a high level of functional maturity and are tailored to the specific needs of an enterprise. This corresponds to the length of time that such software solutions have been in use. Considering this, software modernization can differ from case to case with many options and modernization approaches available. Companies are motivated towards application modernization for various reasons:

  • Implementation of new business strategies
  • Desire for higher productivity in application development (rapid execution of the feature backlog)
  • Desire to reduce costs of maintenance and support
  • Security risks and compliance requirements


The Journey to Software Modernization

Even if a custom software product runs stable with the initially desired process optimizations achieved, application modernization can potentially bring countless other benefits. Some of the typical objectives of a modernization are:

  • Benefiting from new technologies and concepts such as SOA, Virtualization, Cloud, Mobile, Social Computing, Big Data, Agile Development and -Architecture
  • Increasing business efficiency with agile architectures that support growth, customization and adaptation to market changes
  • Reducing time, effort and the added cost of extensions
  • Integrating supplementary applications
  • Migrating from "Heavy-Weight" to "Light-Weight" and thus saving on license costs
  • Modernizing the user interface and integrating a GUI
  • Minimizing risks by adapting to regulations

In order to carry out a qualified assessment of any existing application, one must decide whether the application needs to be redesigned, modularized, optimized, encapsulated, migrated, completely redesigned or replaced entirely with new licensed software. The risks that represent each of these options must be carefully considered and documented. Therefore, an application modernization must be planned carefully and substantiated by research, analysis and documentation.


Our Approach

UWS offers a application modernization approach based on best-practices, we attach great importance to the issue of quality assurance. Functionalities of the system are identified and protected via an efficient test coverage or executable specifications and then quality assured with an automated verification process. This way our modernization experts obtain feedback early and automatically if the preserved functionality was changed. This procedure is also used to enhance the legacy software with new features. These tasks also require securing existing functionality. Our application modernization approach not only makes pure technological sense - our holistic approach also leads to better plannable and less error prone software projects beyond the actual modernization.

Basically, we work with you on a travel plan for application modernization. Then we setup a plan for the necessary technical skills and size of the development team. After that we begin the actual implementation of the software development, the maintenance and the enhancement of the application. UWS Software Service can support in the following areas of a software modernization project:


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