Precise Communication with "Living Specifications"

Specification documents, such as for example requirements specifications and interface descriptions can be made executable. For this purpose the specifications are being formulated as assumptions in the form of tests.

UWS provides environments in which large parts of executable specifications can be created by non-technical project members. Thus, for example the future users of the software can create appropriate tests simply by clicking them together. This leads to a clear specification within the project communication and a reduction of the overall test effort. End-Users and the development team get closer together through executable specifications. 


Agile Test-Management

Crucial in creating the executable specification is that each type of test and correct granularity is selected. Thus, an efficient test coverage can be achieved.

With non-technical team members formulating assumptions in the form of tests a direct and precise communication is possible with our software developers. As a result requirements are implemented accurately and there is a reduced risk of information loss in terms of "whispers". Management costs are kept low, because there is less "translation services".

Finally, we close the gap between users and software development, with a collaborative, intuitive and meaningful way of communicating. Additionally potential misunderstandings between product owner and software development team are minimised and thus costly change requests are being avoided.


Living Documentation

Tests are not just assumptions with respect to a requirement but also a living document. Specifically requirement documentation and technical documentation such as an interface documentation can be mapped well. Expenses for the specification and documentation generation can be reduced significantly. Another advantage is that such "living documents" do not age, because they are an active part of the software project.



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