Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

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Quality Assurance (QA)


Automated Tests and One Click Deployments

Continuous Integration (CI) constantly validates software modules and their interaction. Continuous Delivery (CD) creates executable versions (deployments / releases) of the software under development.

UWS provides ready-made environments for CD and CI, so that software projects can immediately take advantage if the multiple benefits right from the start.


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Automated Code Quality Monitoring and Common Understanding

One release per year or quarter is not sufficient these days. Software must be expandable in short term and must be rolled out in short cycles. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) can be used in combination but also independently of each other. It is an approach that has many potential benefits:

  • Automatic execution of unit, integration and functional testing and generation of test metrics.
  • Reliable one click releases / deployments when needed or code changes by automating manual and error-prone processes and their sequential execution.
  • Overall, acceleration of the development and release process, reducing costs while increasing reliability and software quality.

For UWS continuous integration and continuous delivery means far more than just technology, the proper application creates an interdisciplinary perspective on the project. A continuously running product version can be evaluated by technical and non-technical staff and forms the basis for a common understanding of the project and an identification with the product.


UWS Project Control and DevOps

On the basis of continuous integration and continuous delivery UWS provides its developers with a variety of tools for your project in the UWS project control center. This way our developers are provided with standardized opportunities for interaction with project-related systems. The UWS project control is naturally extensible, so that project-specific requirements are represented there, only to be re-used intuitively by our development team.

Best Practices in the interaction with the UWS project control are experienced by our developers as fast, lightweight and automated process. All interactions are traceable, so that error causes are analyzed and reports can be created ​​quickly.

Software is not seen by us as an economic end in itself but as a running product that provides our customers with added value. We therefore take great care that our developers understand software as a combination of software development and software operation. Project staff are referred to this understanding as "DevOps". DevOps ensure that the developed software also runs under the provisions of infrastructure and systems and ultimately may be used as expected.



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