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It is vital for software companies to react immediately to market changes. At the same time, risks regarding time, budget and requirements planning must be minimized. Non-holistic approaches like isolated support by external resources often do not lead to desired results.

The UWS Software Service takes a 360 degree perspective with technical and functional frameworks which allow us to rapidly employ cost effective solutions.


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Your Competitive Advantage

  • More Engineering Capacity for:
    • New Features / Modules for your Product
    • Special Customer Requirements
    • More and Faster Development Cycles
  • The Right Resources for:
    • New Market Opportunities
    • High Volume of Orders
    • Important Decisions
    • Technology Leadership
  • Cost Savings through:
    • Process Optimisation
    • Optimised Labor Costs

Why UWS?

  • The UWS Software Factory combines scalable and cost-effective firsthand operational support and fulfillment aligned with agile approaches for high quality and fast software development cycles.
  • Test Driven Development right from the start: High Test-Coverage and Continuous Integration and -Delivery
  • From the very beginning the UWS Collaboration Infrastructure supplies a consistent "toolbox" for fast results and striking collaboration
  • The UWS Service Delivery Models are convincingly easy and include very competitive list prices.

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