Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore Outsourcing

With the right mix of a dedicated contact and our Development and Support Center we ensure cost-effective outsourcing also in complex environments.


  • Single Point of Contact
  • Presence On Site
  • Polish Development and Support Team
  • High Availability
  • Price Benefits

Team Leasing


The UWS Team Leasing approach is your flexible way to build a highly skilled and cost-efficient back-office team for your individual purpose.


7 Benefits of Team Leasing



Agile Collaboration


In order to deliver best results in time we chose Agile Development methods whenever the customer situation allows that. And we do so with passion!


  • Flexible and methodical approach
  • Defined Milestones
  • Agreed-on communication plan and media
  • Transparent and reliable financing

Service Delivery Model

UWS Service Delivery models allow to immediately react on changes. Together with you, we arrange the best suitable setup for your project.


At Your Service

  • UWS Direct call +353 (0) 1443333
  • UWS Callback Service
  • Umbrella Web Software Ltd. on LinkedIn

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