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During recent years, globalisation and expanding networks led to a trend towards outsourcing of business-processes and software development into imerging countries. Driven by cost-reduction programs within large corporations we have seen heavy investments in so called global offshoring centers. In some cases experience shows that cultural differences and time-zone issues can emerge.

To minimize cultural differences, different time-zones and distance between the teams the outsourcing trend changed to a so-called Nearshoring model. Nearshore Outsourcing refers to outsourcing activities into culturally and time-zone similar neighboring countries.

Since its foundation, UWS runs development centers in Poland and Ukraine and supports software projects with dedicated nearshoring teams. Depending on requirements and suitability of the project UWS relies on a technical project manager on site and with close customer contact.


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What is Nearshore Outsourcing?

The concept of outsourcing involves outsourcing of business processes within an organization. Among other things, the outsourcing of software development can be useful to achieve a concentration on core business or to free significant internal resources for other tasks.

Nearshore outsourcing is the outsourcing to regional nearby development centers. Since its foundation UWS Software Services operates software development centers in Poland and Ukraine. We have chosen cities with excellent computer science universities to have good access to talents.

Every software project is different, therefore UWS provides a suitable and customized employment model with a mix of on-site and back office software developers. This way companies can enrich internal software projects with software developers or simply pass the programming tasks to the external development team provided by UWS.


When is Nearshore Outsourcing benefitial?

With an experienced outsourcing partner, the potential benefits of nearshore outsourcing go far beyond the usual cost savings. The focus on creating sustainable value in areas of software development can lead to flexible processes and relationships to innovative business models such as the "Managed Client Team" approach. In this approach, the nearshore team is managed by the customer directly. UWS employs its most experienced consultants and software developers as a direct point of contact for customers.

Enterprise level software development can be successfully supported by nearshore outsourcing. The following benefits can be achieved in cooperation with experienced outsourcing experts:

Potential benefits:

  • Cost savings,
  • Compensation of staff shortages,
  • Mitigate peak periods,
  • Improve development cycles / time-to-market,
  • Concentration on core application development via load distribution to outsourcing partners.

UWS supports companies in software development with Open Source technologies. The UWS nearshore outsourcing expertise lies in Enterprise Java, SpringGrails and development of Cloud Applications with the vFabric stack.


Implementation of a Project with Nearshore Developers

With an experienced partner setting up an external software development team using Nearshore Developers is relatively simple. Together, the requirements are discussed, defined and implemented with a corresponding team. After that you can start delegating your project needs to your single point of contact provided by us. Based on our experience, the following topics are suitable for outsourcing.

Suitability for Outsourcing:

  • Custom software development,
  • New Web applications
  • New cloud applications
  • New modules and features for product development,
  • Development of features or modules for existing applications.
  • New releases or modernization of legacy applications

UWS Software Service assists companies in software development in these areas. Directly at the beginning of a project we focus on quality assurance with high test coverage und Continuous Integration and -Delivery. To every software development project UWS brings best-practices from several years of experience.

Especially proven is the use of our nearshore model, in which a technical project manager works directly with you on site and outsources work loads to our software developers within the back-office. Alternatively, also the "Managed Client Team" approach makes sense, here the customer can directly manage the external team provided by UWS.


Soeren is available for your questions


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