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Dedicated Software Specialists from UWS

UWS Service Delivery models are optimized for allowing immediate reactions regarding change. Thus, our models can be used separately or they can be combined in accordance with specific requirements. We have made the experience that the right mix of local presence and remote teams are deciding factors for successful projects.

Therefore, we will assist you with bespoke solutions for your project and most likely we can even surprise you with our very competitive tariff model. Build your dedicated UWS team.


On-Site Software Consultant

On-site software consultants or developers are your direct points of contact and part of your development team.


  • Technical Project Management
  • Strategic focus, architectural consulting
  • Recognition and understanding of technological and functional relations
  • Modularization of software development
  • Managing development teams

Remote Software Developer

Remote software developer or teams execute pre-defined work packages in terms according to the UWS Software Factory model.



Your Dedicated Team

On-site software consultants or developers outsource work packages to remote development teams.

This approach combines the best of both worlds with a useful separation of responsibilities and assures a cost-effective and sustainable solution for successful projects!

Contact us regarding your individual Service Delivery Model!


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