Agile, Automated and Integrated Collaboration

In software development it's all about communication and cooperation / collaboration. Therefore UWS has high standards for an effective and efficient project communication. For an ideal collaboration many independent factors are important, that's why we define the collaborative process with our clients individually.

Our collaboration infrastructure for software development combines proven communication and collaboration tools and processes in a meaningful way. Customers, partners and our development teams can access such an approach that brings together all parties productively.



Agile software development is based on the proven iterative and incremental process model which assumes that requirements and their solutions change while collaborating on a software project. Agile software development makes use of many small releases, and their acceptance. Change requests are detected early and can thus be implemented quickly.

UWS provides a variety of tools to support agile software development. Our integrated Tool-Mix supports the agile process and provides direct communication such as online conferencing, instant messaging, email and more. This makes your project communication secure, agile and distributed. In particular within distributed teams in an outsourcing context we make sure that the project remains "at home" and our customers are always up to date with a frequent "Showcasing heartbeat".



UWS can provide a fully automated framework for continuous integration and continuous delivery right from the project start. Among other positive effects our quality framework tests automatically, archives build artifacts and generates metrics for reporting and analysis. In addition, releases are delivered reliably on a mouse-click, when required or automatically when checking in code changes by automating manual and error-prone processes and their sequential execution.

Furthermore, we use code generators in terms of model-driven software development and achieve high productivity and standardization, since much source code no longer needs to be written manually, but gets generated automatically.

Overall UWS is accelerating the development and release process and reduces costs while increasing reliability and software quality!



The collaboration infrastructure components provided by us are integrated with each other. The combination of interdisciplinary contexts such as an efficient test coverage, continuous integration / delivery and executable specifications we use for e-mail notifications at build failures, violation of metrics and more.

Furthermore, we integrate project-specific metrics, processes and tools in the UWS project control center. It serves both as a knowledge management system as well as a central information portal that merges our offerings, such as service solutions, software development and outsourcing. Our developers and of course the whole project team is familiar with these processes, so that costs for each project ramp up are minimized.



UWS provides environments for quality assurance that lead to a clear specification of the project communication and also to a reduction of the overall test effort.

UWS test environments provide transparency through efficient test coverage - starting with the actual requirements to the code and its amendments.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery are more to us than just technology. The correct application leads to an interdisciplinary perspective on the project. Constantly executable software can be judged by technical and non-technical project team members and form the basis for a common understanding of the project and an identification with the product, which can be articulated even more precisly by executable specifications.



From day one of our software development partnership, we can provide coordinated open source collaboration, communication tools and a variety of services for software development and project management available on our development servers. These services we re-use as components, so it is possible for us to build best practises our development teams are familiar with:

  • Server for version control (SCM), project management tools, bug trackers, wikis
  • Environments for virtual operating systems, pre-installed application servers, configuration templates and deployment blueprints
  • Repositories for dependency management, code and architecture templates, generic and proven UWS libraries and many more.



UWS offers each customer a unique blend of the components described in "agile collaboration". 

Together we will select the appropriate processes and tools for our software development project to bringing the development and technical closer together. Together we create a project communication that automates as secure, agile, integrated and distributed as you wish.

We also develop customized communications and collaboration solutions for your personal project environment.


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