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Software Development with the vFabric Cloud Application Platform

The VMware® vFabric™ stack is a lean, fit-to-purpose platform for developing and running modern applications in physical, virtual and cloud environments. It minimizes the exorbitant costs, high complexity, functional limitations, lengthy coding and testing cycles of dated, heavyweight application development and production environments. With the vFabric, you can easily and rapidly build applications that scale elastically, deliver massive amounts of data quickly and reliably, and incorporate the latest Web- and Mobile-oriented features.

UWS is partnering with VMware as a solution provider and can help developing enterprise scale Cloud applications on the vFabric stack.

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What is the vFabric Cloud Application Platform?

The VMware vFabric cloud application platform is a solution framework that fills the need of IT-departments for a lightweight, efficient and fast approach to building enterprise scale applications and running them on virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure. While overcoming the limitations of traditional platforms, VMware vFabric draws on the expertise software developers already have with popular frameworks and tools.

VMware vFabric also works seamlessly with the leading virtualization engine—VMware vSphere® making it ideally suited for applications that need to scale dynamically to address unpredictable spikes in user demand. VMware vFabric integrates all the essentials of a modern application platform:

  • A proven development framework that bypasses the complexity of overweight platforms such as the dated J2EE platform to simplify and accelerate the development of modern applications;
  • A lean runtime platform optimized for both the development framework and virtual infrastructure;
  • A set of runtime services.


vFabric Cloud Application Platform


How can the vFabric Cloud Application Platform be used?

Custom and Individual Applications

The vFabric platform builds upon the famous open source Spring Framework, used by more than three million developers worldwide to build half of all Java applications running today. Spring has become the dominant programming model for enterprise Java. Besides that, Spring has proven advantages in each phase of the application life cycle. It removes much of the complexity during software development, for example reducing programming effort by up to 50 %, boosting flexibility across various environments, ensuring reusability and simplifying testing.

The Grails application development framework can also be used for software development within a vFabric project.

Deploying Applications in a light weight Application Server Runtime

VMware vFabric contains Apache Tomcat, a light weight, resource efficient runtime server which is already deployed in more than 60 % of global enterprises. The VMware version of Tomcat, the tc-Server is enriched with operational management, diagnostics for Spring and Grails applications and SLA based support. The vFabric tc-Server is a single application server for all phases of the application lifecycle, eliminating complex issues that arise when software developers and administrators use more complex application servers.

Running Applications in a Modern Infrastructure

VMware vFabric offers a complete range of runtime services that provide applications the characteristics they need to operate well in highly distributed cloud-based environments:

  • Global data management – The data management platform in VMware vFabric uses advanced in-memory processing to provide what usual databases are unable to: real-time, elastically scalable data distribution and caching for virtualized and cloud-based applications. Users experience millisecond response times, and IT gets all the reliability and data management capabilities of a database
  • Cloud messaging – The vFabric stack supplies the inter system messaging that is critical for making cloud-based applications highly available, scalable and portable, with predictable and consistent throughput and latency. Featuring support for the proven Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) as well as other messaging technologies like HTTP, HTTPS, STOMP, XMPP,and SMTP, vFabric messaging is easy to use and supported by all major operating systems and development environments.
  • Dynamic load balancing – vFabric includes the popular and comprehensive Apache HTTP Server, offering superior performance, scalability, security and simplicity. With VMware vFabric, Apache comes pre-compiled, easy to deploy, tuned ford performance and backed by full VMware support.
  • Performance management – The vFabric platform provides continuous monitoring of application performance across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, giving you insight into 50,000 metrics spanning 75 Web technologies. You get the deep and complete visibility you need to rapidly fix performance problems at practically any layer of your application infrastructure,ensure optimum application performance, and meet SLAs.


Benefits of the vFabric Cloud Application Platform

As many enterprises now are on a "journey into the cloud", the vFabric platform is a tool for creating applications faster, more efficient and lightweight. vFabric addresses a lot of headaches of CIOs in application development. The software developers can now be more focused on the actual application that they want to develop and the problems they want to fix. Through the cloud environment, software developers can already identify inconsistencies in the testing phase and the actual deployment of the application. Developers can also easily move from public to private cloud and on multiple devices.

Key Benefits of the vFabric Stack:

  • Develop Web-based, data-intensive applications up to 50 percent faster;
  • Build and run applications that can scale elastically at every infrastructure layer;
  • Gain higher utilization rates on existing hardware;
  • Run the applications on your own private cloud or on public cloud services.


How can UWS help you?

As an independent solution provider UWS has extensive knowledge in utilizing the vFabric stack and is able to promote its components unbiased. How far is your company on the journey to the cloud?

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