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Software Development on the Java Enterprise Platform

During recent years software development on the Java EE platform has gained a lot appreciation and popularity. It now has become the industry standard for enterprise computing based on Java.

Particularly risk- and cost-conscious businesses value distributed and multi-tier (web) software based on the Java EE platform. Especially in terms of scalability, security and stability Java applications can score.

UWS Software Service assists companies in software development on the Java EE platform. UWS Java EE Developers are team player who value SCRUM projects and have several years of experience in dealing with mission-critical and complex enterprise applications. As development frameworks we often use Spring or Grails.


What is Java EE / Java Enterprise

The Java platform, Enterprise Edition (Abbr. Java EE, formerly J2EE) is a comprehensive collection of software components and services. Also specifications, code standards and libraries are defined. The Java EE platform was designed for developing distributed, transaction-based and multi-tier enterprise applications. Clearly defined libraries and interfaces / APIs between Java EE components ensure that also software components from different vendors can work together (eg. SAP connection). The components of the Java EE platform specification are developed by a dynamic Java Community Process

Java EE Software Framework Scheme


Benefits of Java EE in software development

Since its foundation UWS Software Service has been focusing on Open-Source technologies related to the Java EE platform. The advantages of enterprise software development with Java EE are diverse. 

  • Well designed and implemented Java applications are:
    • highly available,
    • secure,
    • reliable and scalable.

The use of components and services provided by Java EE simplifies the software development process, developers can thus concentrate on the core functionality of the application. The use of well established frameworks, code libraries and existing standards can significantly improve productivity (cost, time, quality). Furthermore Java EE is "living" and continuously enhanced and improved in the java community process. This results in savety and security for investments in software based on the Java EE platform.

  • The advantages and benefits include:
    • Coding standards lead to lower development costs,
    • Open Source, therefor platform independence,
    • The variety of frameworks and APIs lead to flexibility in software development,
    • Agile, dynamic community process leads to secure investments.


    Talk to us about the potential benefits of your project.


      Java EE developers at UWS

      UWS Software Service is specialized in software development for the enterprise. Our core competency is software development on the Java EE platform.

      • Examples for the use of UWS Java EE developers:
        • Architecture Review,
        • Joint Requirements Engineering,
        • Development of custom software in Java / new product features,
        • Combining of old systems,
        • Software refurbishment / new releases,
        • Migration to Java.

      Whether on-site at your location or ours, we always rely on senior java ee developers with expert status who are ahead of their game. Upon customer request, we can also use our nearshore java developers additionally to on-site specialists. At UWS all Java EE  developers are highly productive and accustomed to working in distributed teams.

      You can find some examples of our previous java projects in our references.

      What kind of project may we start together with you? Talk with us about your project environment and need for expert java ee developers.


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