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The UWS Software Service Portfolio supports companies in all areas of software development. Our customers are software-product companies, companies with internal software-projects and software consultancies.

Read more about the challenges we've mastered or more specifically the experience we have gained with many attractive projects. We do not disclose information about our clients in the references below; confidentiality is important to us. Further details and even client meetings can be arranged upon your request and mutual agreement.


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Software Modernization of an eMail Marketing SaaS Application


Task: Within an eMail marketing application (SaaS), used by many leading online stores in North America, a software modernization was required. The existing application suffered from a lack of test coverage of the core functionalities and a monolithic architecture. The modernization aimed at better support for the strategic initiatives of our clients business as well as cost savings for future development of new features and modules within the core application.

Solution: Substantial increase in test coverage of the existing functionality for reducing risks during development. We chose a minimally invasive approach. Modularization of the monolithic architecture in several loosely coupled systems interconnected via services using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Development of additional features as standalone applications and integration into existing service architecture:

  • Functional auditing for increasing application health;
  • Self-service account management with user migration;
  • Optimization of self-service billing by integrating a new API.
  • [...]

Additionally, we have provided a model-based Configuration Management for automatic provisioning of virtualized test environments available within the project.

Technologies: Java 5-7, jMockit 1.0, Spring 3.1.2, Spring WS 2.1.2, JAXB 0.8.2, JOOQ 2.6.1, Maven 3.0.4, PostgreSQL 9.1, Grails 2.1.1, Jenkins 1.502, vSphere Hypervisor 5.1, JBoss 4.2, Jetty 7, CheddarGetter API

  • Sector: Internet, Cloud Computing
  • People:
    • Architecture
    • Backend Development
  • Duration: 12 month +

Video Messaging Platform - Cloud Hosted, Grails Backend


Task: It was required to lift an existing web-application (proof of concept prototype) serving user-generated video messages onto a new architecture. The solution was required to be highly scalable for video recording and -encoding, serving a worldwide user base.

Solution: The solution is based on a Grails backend, hosted in a Cloud environment and widely uses queuing to meet scalability requirements. Queues were implemented for video encoding, antivirus scanning, mail sending, etc. Thanks to that, a client can "fire-and-forget" all long-term processes. Moreover, the REST API is stateless which also results in a scalability boost. External resources (JS, CSS) are minimized and compressed in order to optimize bandwidth usage. The front-end was built using HTML5 to provide rich user experiences and compatibility across desktop- and mobile platforms.

Grails 1.3.7 (2.0.1 soon), Spring, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, ActiveMQ, jQuery, LESS, HTML5, PhoneGap, REST, Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud Hosting

  • Sector: Internet, Cloud Computing
  • People:
    • Architecture
    • Backend Development
  • Duration: 12 month +

Real-Time Business News System on Grails Basis


Task: Due to missing modularisation it was not possible to enhance the current editing system. It was required to design and develop a system that meets internal performance standards and supports strategic planning.

Solution: Architecture, design, development and test of a Rich Internet Application with a Grails Backend. The solution consolidates many news feeds in near-realtime and with high frequency. Several options for interaction and server push messaging where provided to meet constant stability and scalable user experience. Leading journalists have access to a configurable control-system for automatic processing of incoming and outgoing business news. Furthermore various filtering options, archiving functions and text generators were implemented. As a result workflow efficiency and productivity improved which leads to further expansion of industry leadership for our client.

Grails 1.3.7, CometD 2, Dojo 1.7.1, Tomcat (Server, JDBC-Pool), MySQL, Unit-, Integration- und functional Test-coverage, Continuous Delivery

  • Sector: Journalism
  • People:
    • Techn. Project Manager on-site
    • 2 Backend Developer remote
    • 1 Frontend Developer remote
  • Duration: 10 month

European Train Control - Enterprise Java


Task: In the context of Europeanisation it was required to consolidate multiple European train monitoring systems. Aim was to efficiently monitor cargo transports in different countries and different languages.

Solution: Pan-European, multilingual monitoring system with interfaces to multiple systems and databases. Mission critical with >1000 User, Europe-wide 24/7 operation.

Java 6, Spring 2 and 3 (Testing, Cache, Remoting, AOP), Quartz, Oracle Weblogic 10.3, JAX-WS, Swing, DB2, Ant

  • Sector: Travel, Transport and Logistics
  • People:
    • Architect
    • Developer
  • Duration: 6 month

Cargo Train Order and Cancellation within Germany - Enterprise Java


Task: For process optimisation and realisation of cost-savings at ordering and cancelation of cargo trains it was required to develop and maintain a software system.

Solution: Mission critical ordering and cancellation system for cargo trains. Interfaces to miscellaneous, also mission critical software systems.

Java 6, Spring 2 and 3 (Testing, Cache, Remoting, AOP), Quartz, Oracle Weblogic 10.3, JAX-WS, Swing, DB2, Ant

  • Sector: Travel, Transport and Logistics
  • People:
    • Techn. Project-Manager
    • Architect
    • Developer
  • Duration: 18 Month

Continuous Delivery Plattform


Task: To optimise the software development process at a large Grails project with various sub-projects and internal as well as external plugins. It was required to develop a system that automates recurring tasks during software development and administration.

Solution: Complete, fully automatic deployment pipeline. The solutions performs Unit-, Integration- and Functional tests, identifying test-coverage, recording test-data, server start / stop, archiving, "one click" deployment and automatic build process.

Hudson / Jenkins with various plugins, Ant, MySQL, Tomcat

  • Sector: Software
  • People: -
  • Duration: -

Spring Cache API


Task: For accross the group usage it was required to design and develop a generic Cache API for a Spring application.

Solution: Porting the Spring 3 Cache Implementation for using within the Spring 2 applications. The API is being used by several mission critical applications.

Spring 2 and 3, Spring Cache, Java 6, Ivy

  • Sector: -
  • People: -
  • Duration: -

Functional Monitoring - Software Module, Enterprise Java


Task: A widely reusable Java Module was required for a live-system that manages German Cargo-Transport. A component for monitoring functional components like application-specific services had to be designed, implemented and integrated into mission-critical, heterogeneous system-environments.

Solution: High performance to conform with SLAs // 10 million+ calls/month on average in the live-system // flexible API for integration by developers and/or administrators (JMX, annotations, configurable aop-pointcuts...) // high test-coverage // connection to 24/7 supervision-systems // enterprise-logging // offshore-enablement due to intuitive and complete documentation // component is integrated in two mission-critical systems from the start and is recommended to be used in new systems. By now the component is also used as data-provider for other systems.

Agile Processes, Ant, Continuous Integration, Clearcase, Clearquest, Design Patterns, Eclipse, Enterprise Architect, Ivy, Java 6, Java EE, JBoss 5, JMX, JUnit 4, Hudson, OOD, Spring 2.5, Spring AOP, Weblogic 10

  • Sector: Travel, Transport and Logistics
  • People: 
    • 1 Project Manager On-Site
    • 1 Software Developer Remote
  • Duration: -

Multishop Marketplace Software on Grails Basis


A Marketplace Software Solution with high scalability, flexibility and high-end e-Commerce features was required. A conducted market analysis lead to the conclusion that a bespoke e-Commerce Software Framework had to be developed.

Right from the start the design concept included Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing functionality. The solution was designed and developed on Grails Basis.

Agile Processes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud-Computing, Grails, Groovy, Java 6, Java EE, JSON, JUnit 4, Object Oriented Design (OOD), MySQL, REST, Spring Source Toolsuite, Software-as-a-Service, Subversion, Webservices

  • Sector: Trade, eCommerce
  • Resources:
    • 2 Project Manager (remote, on-site)
    • 2 backend Developer (remote)
    • 1 Frontend Developer (remote)
  • Duration: 8 month

Online Portal for Regional Products on Grails Basis


It was required to position an Online Platform with high market penetration and user generated content.

Seach engine optimised Satelite Portals where launched and placed in market niches. The Portal Software was realised on Grails Basis and is connected with the Online Platform.

Agile Prozesse, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud-Computing, Grails, Groovy, Java 6, Java EE, JSON, JUnit 4, Object Oriented Design (OOD), MySQL, REST, Spring Source Toolsuite, Subversion, SEO, Web Services

  • Sector: Trade, eCommerce
  • Resources: 1 on-site Projektmanager // 1 remote Groovy, Grails Software Developer // 1 remote Web Designer
  • Duration: 3 weeks

Service Oriented Architecture - SOA for Government Agency


During the introduction of the MiFID guidelines, the European data-transfer between financial-markets and observing authorities had to be customized.

Provided a central hub according to the specifications of the („Committee of European Securities Regulators“) a highly configurable transfermanagement SOA with declarative business-process modelling capabilities for collection and processing of data of European financial markets was developed and sucessfully integrated.

Design Patterns, Eclipse, DB2, IBM WebSphere Application Developer, Hudson, IBM WebSphere Application Server, JEE, Java 5, Java Server Pages (JSP), Maven, Testdriven Development, Objectoriented Design (OOD), Quartz, SOA, Spring, Spring MVC, SQL

  • Sector: Banking and financial markets
  • Resources: 1 on-site Software-Architect, Software Developer
  • Duration: 7 months

Decision-supporting Java Enterprise Module


A software-product company demanded additional resources to cope with increased workload due to newly acquired customers. A complex module for the main application was required by the new customer.

Conception, realisation and integration of a custom Java Enterprise module for the main application of the customer. Module helps agents with identification and controlling of vehicle-interval groups and their potential time-differences. Problems can be analysed by configurable algorithms and resolved to decision-supporting options.

Agile approach, Ant, Continuous Integration, Design Patterns, Eclipse, Ivy, Java 6, Java EE, Java Persistence API (Hibernate), JUnit 4, Hudson, Conception, Objectoriented Design (OOD), Oracle, Spring Testing, SVN

  • Sector: Travel, Transport and Logistic
  • Resources: 1 on-site Consultant / Software Developer
  • Duration: 6 month

Realtime Business Intelligence OLAP Solution


A BI solution for analysing realtime data of the main application should be provided rapidly, with short iterations and with minimal TCO.

A realtime-OLAP solution based on the Open Source JasperSoft BI products were planned and delivered via a prototype. Existing reports were migrated, new dynamic reports were created and ETL-processes were developed that provide the possibility to constantly analyze large data-sets with small latency.

Agile approach, Ant, Continuous Integration, Java 6, Java EE, Java Persistence API (Hibernate), JUnit 4, Hudson, Conception, Objectorientated Design (OOD), JasperSoft BI (iReport, JasperAnalysis, JasperReports, JasperServer), Oracle, Spring Testing, SVN

  • Sector: Travel, Transport and Logistic
  • Resources: 1 on-site Consultant / Softwaredeveloper, 1 remote Senior Softwaredeveloper / BI-Specialist
  • Duration: 1 month

Architecture Review and Framework Refactoring


The framework used for development of the main-application has grown for a long time until it couldn't meet basic requirements like maintainability, modularisation and testability sufficiently.

The framework was reviewed, considering the requirements and a backwards-compatible solution resulting from the following tasks was deployed:

  • separation of application- and infrastructure-logic via proven design-patterns
  • optimisation of the modularity und usage of the API
  • training of the development team, creation of coding guidelines und code-templates

Agile approach, Design Patterns, Java 6, Java EE, TestNG, Conception, Objectoriented Design (OOD), UML, Workshops, Review, Coaching

  • Sector: Whole sale
  • Ressourcen: Development team consisting of 10 people (business and IT)
  • Duration: 5 months

ERP Controlling-Module


Sales should be supported by a tool that calculates management ratios from large data-sets (>10 million) in order to compare campaigns and decide on strategic options.

  • Conception and modelling of the data-dependencies, extensive data-imports and data-conversions
  • Testing of the application via unit- and integration-tests (test-coverage > 80%)
  • Measureable quality control by static code analysis (no PMD or compiler warnings, no duplicate source-code)
  • Outsourcing of work-loads and integration of deliverables

Agile approach, Continuous Integration, Ant, SVN, Oracle, Design Patterns, Eclipse, BEA Weblogic Application Server, Java 6, Java EE, Oracle DB, TestNG, Conception, Objectoriented Design (OOD), Projectmanagement, Spring, SQL, UML, Workshops

  • Sector: Whole sale
  • Resources: 1 On-site Softwaredeveloper / Projectmanager / Software Architect, 1 remote Softwaredeveloper
  • Duration: 5 months

Government Agency Applications for Intranet and Internet


For the realization of various internal business-processes like the creation of bills or master-data-management extensive information-systems were required. Also the government agency had to fulfill information obligations via some internet-portals.

  • Development and maintenance of seven intranet-applications and six secure and accessible internet-applications
  • Migration from EJB to Spring
  • Introduction of an automated test-environment
  • Creation of java-libraries for reuse in projects
  • Establishment of an automated deployment and configuration in a WebSphere environment
  • Refactoring of a JAXP transformation-service (XSL-FO)
  • Creation and integration of rich-internet components

AJAX, Agile approach, Ant, CSS, CVS, DB2, Domea, Design Patterns, DHTML, Eclipse, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), HTML, IBM WebSphere Application Developer, IBM WebSphere Application Server, J2EE, Java, Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaScript, JUnit, Conception, Objektoriented Design (OOD), Projectmanagement, Spring, Spring MVC, SQL, Swing, UML, Unix, Usability Engineering, Webdesign, Webdevelopment, Web 2.0, Workshops, XSL-FO

  • Sector: Banking and financial markets
  • Ressources: 1 on-site Software-Architect, Developer
  • Duration: 11 months

Technology Review


An IT-project at risk had to be reviewed regarding its general technological practicabillity und status. Strategic and technological options should be advised.

Technological review of a large information-system (development time: > 2 man-years) regarding the system-architecture, overall conception and the latest source-code. Formulation of proceeding recommondations given technological constraints. Showcasing of an alternative system-architecture based on the spring framework.

Agile approach, Design Patterns, Eclipse, Oracle DB, Java, J2EE, Java Server Pages (JSP), Objectoriented Design (OOD), Projectmanagement, Review, Coaching, Workshops

  • Sector: Banking and financial markets
  • Resources: Software-Architect, Software Trainer, Projectteam consisting of 10 members (business and IT)
  • Duration: 2 months

Showcase Prototype


A prototype showcasing the target architecture in order to win a big project was needed.

A prototype showcasing the target environment and architecture was developed and demonstrated live during a large  investor meeting in this very compact project. Development included a custom UPES ("User Defined Program Execution Server“) that was accessed by an enterprise service bus (ESB). Additionally, a web services implementation based on Apache Axis and Java Web Services and modelling via the IBM Rational Software Architect was part of this project.

IBM WebSphere MQ Series, Java, UPES-Framework, XML-DOM, Tomcat, Axis, Java Web Services

  • Sector: Telecommunication
  • Resources: Software Developer, Project manager
  • Duration: 2 months